Clomiphene Testosterone

Clomiphene Testosterone Increased Levels in Men
Clomiphene increases the testosterone levels in men thus treating erectile dysfunction. Research shows that clomiphene is successful in stimulating the hypothalamus that increases the testicular testosterone productions.

How Clomiphene Testosterone Works
Clomiphene testosterone works by elevating the testosterone level within the normal range. Clomiphene stimulation for young healthy males and healthy males over 60 shows no effect on mental health, energy or sexual function.

If a male is experiencing lo testosterone levels clomiphene is a very safe medication to use. It could a good part to the treatment of his testosterone as well as erectile dysfunction.

Best offense is a good defense, as they say. And better way to increase testosterone than to add some. Clomiphene works by lowering estrogen thus increasing testosterone; this is due to the body’s reactive mechanism.

Clomiphene is a SERM or a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, which mean that in some tissues it can work as an estrogen at it can block estrogen in other tissues. In males, it is actually a LH or leutinizing hormone stimulant; and it can be very effective. If a male is hypogonadal or has a deficiency in the development of secondary sex characteristics, the testosterone levels can double up.

Advantages of Clomiphene Testosterone
Clomid testosterone also has some advantages over typical testosterone therapy due to the fact that is just to take a simple pill. No need for injections testosterones.

Duration of treatment for Clomiphene Testosterone
Ina short term period, clomiphene is quite safe that is why it is highly prescribed for hypogonadism; though it can also be taken for a long time for fertility treatment due to its FSH-stimulating abilities.

Athletes also use clomiphene for an extended period of time because it can also act as steroids. Some steroids make the testosterone levels to collapse but clomiphene can bring back the testosterone and the estrogen levels with the normal physiological levels.

Clomiphene does not work for everyone. Some patients do not respond well to this medication for some unknown reason.

Side Effects of Long Term use of Clomiphene:
Clomiphene over-use can cause some serious side effects like:

Blurred vision – retinal thrombosis, spasms, and detachment.

Mood change – due to the decrease in the estrogen levels.

Nausea – this is very common and is mostly accompanied by dizziness and vomiting.

Nerve damage – peripheral neuropathy and paresthesia.

Thyroid problems – affects the function of the thyroid glands.