Clomiphene Mechanism of Action

Clomiphene is a widely used effective medicine to treat infertility in women. Certain unique features of this well known fertility drug account for its popularity. It is within affordable cost and can be easily administered. This fertility drug has good success rate in inducing ovulation which is an important consideration in infertility treatment. An orally active drug it is certainly a ray of hope for couple expecting to conceive. Clomiphene is a perfect answer in female infertility caused by anovulation for this medicine is quiet effective in the stimulation of ovary. It is sold under different brand names such as Clomid, Melophene and Serophene. This drug acts by stimulating an increased number of hormones this in turn helps the growth and release of mature egg. The drug is very useful in treating the defects of ovulation and abnormalities in estrogen levels.

Mechanism of action:
There is a lot of similarity between Clomiphene and estrogen in the structure. This makes the feedback receptors in the brain to receive Clomiphene instead of estrogen. This makes the brain incapable of identifying the normal levels of estrogen. The brain receptors think that estrogen levels are low and they trigger the release of F.S.H from the pituitary gland. Thus Clomiphene stimulates the brain to stimulate the pituitary which results in variance stimulation and ovulation. Clomiphene induces ovulation by binding the E2 receptors in the Hypothalamus. This creates a state of hypoestrogenecity and causes the release of GnRH hormone which motivates ovulation due to the increased secretion of gonadotropins.

Clomiphene is an active agent in the stimulation of E2 synthesis in the ovaries. It promotes an increased development of follicles which otherwise would not develop under normal circumstances. In patients under Clomiphene therapy additional follicles develop rapidly leading to pregnancy. Clomiphene acts directly to induce ovulation in about seventy percent of cases but pregnancy rates nearly about 25-30% of cases.

Clomiphene should be taken with the consultation your doctor. Of course it is available as OTC drug and also can be bought from online stores. 100 mg Clomiphene tablets are available for $ 76 for 50 numbers of packages.

Clomiphene with its high success rates has proved to be very effective fertility drug. It is cost effective and its judicious use gives safety and reliability. Doctors prefer Clomiphene than any other fertility drug in treating infertility. Moreover Clomiphene compared to other fertility medicines has lesser side effects and it relieves the risk of hyperstimulation and multiple pregnancies.